The Jury (Past & Present)

Carbon Chen

Originated from interactive education with my child, I began to breeding Crystal Shrimp at 2014 Aug in my garage, then started one and one amazing trip …… Now we use a systematic approach to breeding and have about 750 tanks. More than 90% of our shrimp were made from zero, except some German lineage shrimps ,Taiwan PRLs, and origin shrimps.

Award/Record/ Published Shrimp

2016-Nov International shrimp contest USA (Chicago),win 6 medals ,the most medals holder ; Published Falcon shrimp/Red Pearl tiger

2017-Feb International shrimp contest Germany (Hannover);Published Unicorn shrimp

2017-Sep International shrimp contest Taiwan (Taipei); World record :The first finisher to complete in the international Crystal Shrimp Competition of the three main continents. (Americas, Europe and Asia)

2017-Nov International USA contest USA (Chicago),win 7 medals ,the most medals holder in two continuous year; Published White Pearl tiger/OE Red Sparrow.

2018-Sep International Germany contest (Dortmund).win 6 medals; Published Phoenix/Pigeon/Steel orange/Chocolate pinto.

2018-Oct International USA contest(New Jersey),win 4 medals, totally 17 medals the most medals holder in history ;win Best Friend award by organizer ; World record: Bring 6 groups shrimp to travel cross 3 continents ,5 countries ,13 main big cities, one month/One Falcon shrimp joined 3 international shrimp contests in 2 years.

Erik Lucas

Erik Lucas has kept aquariums since he was 8 years old.  In 2010 He bought his first shrimp and quickly expanded to over 30 shrimp tanks. He quickly became known as the source for Orange Eye Blue Tigers in the USA, a shrimp that is still one of his favorites.  

In 2014 he started and has become the go-to source for happy, healthy, high quality shrimp for fellow hobbyists .  His desire to promote the hobby has taken him across the USA to local club meetings to present his tips for successful shrimp keeping. He is currently working on a lecture on shrimp grading that he will present to groups in the future.   He currently has over 100 shrimp tanks, including a new shop with over 1500 gallons dedicated to shrimp tanks.

Jackson Harkey

R. Jackson Harkey JR has been an avid hobbyist for over 15 years, starting with a focus on Saltwater breeding. After a tragic loss due to a fire, he switched his focus to freshwater and discovered the world of shrimp. His first group of CRS had him hooked and he has been focusing on Shrimp breeding for the last 4 years. His breeding talent landed him the title of “Shrimp King” in the 1st international Shrimp Contest in the USA in 2016. Jackson is now expanding his shrimp room and will continue to impress us with his ability to produce prize winning shrimp.


Joe Theisen

Joe Theisen has always had a passion for aquariums, having had them growing up. Encouraged by his local hobbyist friends, in 2016 Joe made the decision to get some neocaridina and began researching the shrimp side of the hobby further. This began his addiction and since then, he has multiplied his collection of shrimp varieties, to include caridina. In 2017, Joe reached his goal by winning a category in our very own shrimp contest. His new goal, is to help educate others about breeding shrimp properly, as well as sharing his passion for the hobby. Joe is on the board for the MN Aquatic Society and is an admin for the MN Planted Aquatics group.

In 2019, became co-owner of New Wave Aquaria.