Carbon Chen

Originated from interactive education with my child, I began to breeding Crystal Shrimp at 2014 Aug in my garage, then started one and one amazing trip …… Now we use a systematic approach to breeding and have about 750 tanks. More than 90% of our shrimp were made from zero, except some German lineage shrimps ,Taiwan PRLs, and origin shrimps.

Award/Record/ Published Shrimp

2016-Nov International shrimp contest USA (Chicago),win 6 medals ,the most medals holder ; Published Falcon shrimp/Red Pearl tiger

2017-Feb International shrimp contest Germany (Hannover);Published Unicorn shrimp

2017-Sep International shrimp contest Taiwan (Taipei); World record :The first finisher to complete in the international Crystal Shrimp Competition of the three main continents. (Americas, Europe and Asia)

2017-Nov International USA contest USA (Chicago),win 7 medals ,the most medals holder in two continuous year; Published White Pearl tiger/OE Red Sparrow.

2018-Sep International Germany contest (Dortmund).win 6 medals; Published Phoenix/Pigeon/Steel orange/Chocolate pinto.

2018-Oct International USA contest(New Jersey),win 4 medals, totally 17 medals the most medals holder in history ;win Best Friend award by organizer ; World record: Bring 6 groups shrimp to travel cross 3 continents ,5 countries ,13 main big cities, one month/One Falcon shrimp joined 3 international shrimp contests in 2 years.