Entry Fees
▪ $20.00 per group, provided the shrimps are donated for raffling in the WPA raffle booth after the contest (neocaridina only or for silent auction for Caridina sp.) Proceeds from Neocaridina raffles go to the Pet Care Trust Pets in the Classroom program, Coral Restoration Foundation and PIJAC’s Marine Ornamental Defense Fund, proceeds for Caridina auction will be used as needed to cover expenses for the contest.

▪ $25.00 per group, if the owner intends to take them back after the contest.

* Each participant may enter a maximum of 2 sets of groups per category.
*A show group consists of three to five shrimps, if there are more than three shrimps per group, the best three will be judged

Note: You can ‘Add’ an Additional Set, once selected Category is in your Shopping Cart