The Jury

Michael J. Schönefeld

Michael J. Schönefeld, has spent 25 years with ornamental fish. From 2000 to 2005, Michael was editor and publisher of the magazine Symphysodon “DISCUS World Report” which was published in his own DWR-Verlag.. In 2004 he held the 5th International Discus Championship in Duisburg in Germany, the honorary jury member. In 2014 he represented Germany as a jury member at the “2nd European Discus Championship” in Dortmund. In 2016, he took over additionally the task as editor for the magazine “aquaristik” from the publisher Dähne-Verlag. From 2000 up to now he has had more than 250 publications at home and abroad published on ornamental fishes, Discus, Guppies and Shrimps! Numerous study trips to Asia, but also to neighboring countries  lead the aquarist’s passion for additional expertise. Currently Michael breeds regularly the following fish in its comprehensive 60 tanks facility: various shrimps (Caridina sp) and something Triangle Guppy high breeding in various base and colors.

Monique Klaver

Monique Klaver, from the Netherlands, has been breeding award winning shrimp for over 10 years. Throughout those years, she has even been able to develop her own line, for example, the Auratai. Monique is intrigued by the process of breeding, seeing the development from eggs to adult shrimps. This hobby brings her much joy, and has also given her the opportunity to judge other contests throughout Europe.

Jackson Harkey

R. Jackson Harkey JR has been an avid hobbyist for over 15 years, starting with a focus on Saltwater breeding. After a tragic loss due to a fire, he switched his focus to freshwater and discovered the world of shrimp. His first group of CRS had him hooked and he has been focusing on Shrimp breeding for the last 4 years. His breeding talent landed him the title of “Shrimp King” in the 1st international Shrimp Contest in the USA in 2016. Jackson is now expanding his shrimp room and will continue to impress us with his ability to produce prize winning shrimp.

Nicolas Reisch

Nicolas Reisch has had aquariums in his life since he was a young boy. His discovery of shrimp actually began with his love for nano sized fish. In 2009, Nico began working with shrimp, learning about cross breeding and decided to build a shrimp room with his own custom-made equipment. His award-winning shrimp and breeding genius even caught the attention of a magazine in France, where he was recently featured in an article. Today, Nico is currently working to expand his shrimp room even further, making room to take his breeding expertise to the next level.


Joe Theisen

Joe Theisen has always had a passion for aquariums, having had them growing up. Encouraged by his local hobbyist friends, in 2016 Joe made the decision to get some neocaridina and began researching the shrimp side of the hobby further. This began his addiction and since then, he has multiplied his collection of shrimp varieties, to include caridina. In 2017, Joe reached his goal by winning a category in our very own shrimp contest. His new goal, is to help educate others about breeding shrimp properly, as well as sharing his passion for the hobby. Joe is on the board for the MN Aquatic Society and is an admin for the MN Planted Aquatics group.

Chris Lukhaup

Chris Lukhaup has been heavily involved with the hobby since the mid 1990’s, traveling to numerous countries and studying invertebrates in their natural habitats. Chris has published dozens of books, given copious amounts of lectures all over the world, and is considered one of the greatest contributors to the hobby. His passion has led him to introduce to the U.S. this contest, in which many other countries are already participating. With his expert knowledge of shrimp genealogy, a talent for bringing people together accompanied with a keen sense of timing, he is proud to not only organize this event, but to also sponsor it as Shrimp King.

Therese Neal

Therese Neal has been drawn into planted tanks, shrimp and nano fish since 2011. Her passion and dedication to the hobby landed her the role in co-organizing the 1st International Shrimp Contest USA with Chris Lukhaup, where she led a team of fantastic volunteers, all committed to making it a successful event. As a devoted supporter of the hobby, you can find her attending other shrimp contest events in various countries, connecting with other hobbyists from around the globe.