Category 1:           Neocaridina sp. All colors

Category 2:           Neocaridina sp. Rili all colors, all new

Category 3:           Caridina sp. Red and Black Bee, all colors including Snow White

Category 4:           Caridina sp. Tiger with Typical Pattern-all colors

Category 5:           Caridina sp. Tiger Full/Solid-all colors

Category 6:           Caridina sp. Bee Variants, like SCR, SCB, Ghost, Hulk, Snow/Bolt Variants including                 Rili and Steel, new bee variants

Category 7:           Caridina sp. Shadow Bee Classic- Classic colors, classic grades

Category 8:           Caridina sp. Pinto/Shadow, pure white- all other colors and patterns

Category 9:               Caridina sp. Pinto/Shadow, Color Variants of white- bluish/reddish/other white, all

other colors, all patterns incl BB and RB

Category 10:         Caridina sp. Pinto/Shadow/Solid Tibee signs- Tiger influenced head/body markings                                                        incl backline, fishbone, stripes/lines/spots, maroten/flowerhead, spider legs, all colors

Category 11:         Caridina sp. Other crossbreeds, all colors incl transparency, all patterns