Michael J. Schönefeld

Michael J. Schönefeld, has spent 25 years with ornamental fish. From 2000 to 2005, Michael was editor and publisher of the magazine Symphysodon “DISCUS World Report” which was published in his own DWR-Verlag.. In 2004 he held the 5th International Discus Championship in Duisburg in Germany, the honorary jury member. In 2014 he represented Germany as a jury member at the “2nd European Discus Championship” in Dortmund. In 2016, he took over additionally the task as editor for the magazine “aquaristik” from the publisher Dähne-Verlag. From 2000 up to now he has had more than 250 publications at home and abroad published on ornamental fishes, Discus, Guppies and Shrimps! Numerous study trips to Asia, but also to neighboring countries  lead the aquarist’s passion for additional expertise. Currently Michael breeds regularly the following fish in its comprehensive 60 tanks facility: various shrimps (Caridina sp) and something Triangle Guppy high breeding in various base and colors.